Why We Should All Practice Gratitude


Why practice gratitude? For some of us, it may be obvious, but maybe not for everyone. I use a gratitude journal because I know it increases my overall satisfaction with life and it helps put things in perspective. Practicing gratitude is generally known to make us feel happier and more optimistic. 

Gratitude enhances the spiritual aspect of our lives by making us less self-centered and materialistic. Like I said before, it really puts things in perspective. It increases self-esteem, reduces comparison / envy / aggression, makes you more strong minded, as well as more relaxed. This in turn makes you more appreciative and gracious, which attracts new relationships and deepens old ones. Gratitude also improves physical health by providing you with better sleep, longevity, and more energy and motivation to exercise.

When it comes to work, those who practice gratitude experience better organization, better management, increased networking skills, goal achievement, found it easier to make decisions, and overall productivity. I know that when I am using my gratitude journal I am aligning my life and taking control. In a way I am prioritizing what is important to me, and what makes me happy - allowing for me to manifest more good things that I enjoy.

So what makes you grateful? :)

Preeya ManitaComment