Natural Pet Care

These past couple years I’ve really become more conscious about what I am putting into my body and what businesses I am supporting through my consumption. Through what I’ve learned I’ve been able to start this lovely blog and help educate friends, family, and strangers about using healthier products.

I recently had to take Frankie, my terrier mix, to the vet because he wasn’t acting like himself. He was appearing to be very weak and melancholy, which is the exact opposite of his usual personality. The vet ran some tests and found out that Frankie had inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and some issues with his gallbladder and bile duct. His intestines were double their normal diameter with swelling. She said that it was most likely due to an allergy in his food and has been going on for some time.

This was a huge wake-up call for me. My pets are my babies, and I felt horrible. I needed to start applying what I had learned to them as well and start being more conscious about what they were consuming. I went to the store after the vet and picked up some raw, organic chicken and chamomile to boil in order to ease the inflammation and help his soothe is digestive tract.

Conventional pet food is so processed and the quality of meat is highly questionable. I’ve committed to providing my pets with cleaner products so that they can feel and perform their best. In my search for natural pet care, I’ve come across Only Natural Pet which has a variety of awesome products to choose from. They also do free, carbon neutral shipping for orders over $79. They have vitamins, supplements, food, treats, chews, bones, and flea control products (for both dogs and cats!)

Phoebe about to enjoy her all natural treat for both dogs and cats which repels fleas and ticks!

Phoebe about to enjoy her all natural treat for both dogs and cats which repels fleas and ticks!

Pets are our family members, and they deserve to be treated as such. I hope you think twice about what you are feeding your furry friends. Flea and tick season is upon us, so please consider a healthier alternative like these natural treats to the chemicals that are typically used. Click on the link below to get $10 off in addition to free shipping!